Studying can be so daunting, most especially when tests are nearing, so productivity levels can get very low. How is one supposed to remember so much information so easily?

Here are some tips to improve memory while studying and increase productivity:

Write things down.
Writing things down has been known to help improve memory. It also helps to write down notes your own way, so you can easily understand what it is you need to be studying.

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Listen to a recording or a video of the topic or lecture.
For some people, things are more easily retained when they hear the words. It helps to record a lecture or look up other recordings or videos of that same topic and have a listen. You can also record yourself reading your notes aloud and then listen to it after.

Explain it to somebody.
They say that if you successfully explain something to somebody, that’s when you know you understand it very well. Try having a friend listen to you and get their feedback.

Develop or practice new techniques.
Many people find it useful to use color codes with their lectures (e.g. using highlighters or different colored paper), while others turn their notes into songs they can easily remember.

Take care of yourself.
It’s no good to overload yourself with information in one go, so better take breaks in between study sessions. It will also help if you eat healthy food and have a good night’s rest every night.
There are plenty of other ways you can explore to increase your productivity and improve memory, so go try them and see what works best for you. After all, what’s important is you understand what you’re learning, and people aren’t measured by their grades.

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