Basic Skills in Online Marketing

Over the years, the internet has undergone a radical change that took the marketing world by storm. That’s when online marketing popped up. With the availability and ease of access to the Internet, advertising and promoting products and services online has become a trend because of a number of factors. Online marketing or Internet marketing is more efficient, inexpensive and faster and it can reach a diverse audience when compared to the traditional ways of marketing. But before engaging in online marketing, there are certain skills that you need to know. Here is a guide to the basic skills in online marketing.

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Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a very productive start for those who want to engage in online marketing. Becoming an affiliate means that you can sell the products of other people but you don’t necessarily own the products yourself. You don’t need to own, you don’t need to have available stocks and you don’t need to do any product shipping. Being an affiliate means that you’re just recommending products or services using links on your site that will send the people who view your site to the page where they can procure the product or avail of the services.


What every site wants is traffic generation. Traffic is the amount of visitors that you get on your website. There are two kinds of traffic: paid traffic and free traffic. The number of visitors that you get on your site depends on a lot of things. It may be because of your site placement in search engine results, the amount of content your site has and the presence of your site on social media networks. When you use the right strategy, generating traffic won’t even cost you a lot of money but you have to spend a lot of time and effort for your site to get a sufficient amount of traffic.


Social Media

Probably one of the most powerful components that you have to know, social media marketing is using several social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus, YouTube and other similar sites to promote your product or services. What makes social media marketing so powerful is that a lot of people have access to social networks and most people have their individual accounts. If you can establish a strong ground on these social networks, you can spread around your website and generate a lot of traffic.

There are more skills needed in online marketing and this guide is just one example of establishing and utilizing online marketing to its maximum. read more