About Gambling History

Looking at different countries today, we can really deny the fact that there are gambling establishments and slot casino that can be seen in their big cities today. But have you ever wondered when or where did gambling start? Let us trace back its history.

It is really unknown when gambling has sprouted in the human race but it is believed that gambling has been present ever since humans have roamed the planet. The very first concrete evidence about the link between humans and gambling was found in China where tiles have been found out to have been used for a game of chance or gambling.

The first mentioned of dice can be found in Greek writing. Even though dice are invented even before this time, this is still proof that early Romans and Greeks used dice to gamble and bet on the outcomes of things around them.

This is when playing cards were believed to have emerged in China. However, it is still unknown when did the rules of using the cards have started. The rules of the cards have varied and changed through time and are very hard to relate to our modern playing cards with 52 decks.

Baccarat was first introduced in Italy and France. Of course, in every new game, tons of revisions have been made until we reach the Baccarat that we play today which come from Cuba, through Britain, and to the US.

This is when the first casinos were established in Italy which then eventually resulted in the emergence of casinos all over Europe.

The little wheel or what we know as Roulette was invented and first used in the casinos in Paris.

This is when poker is believed to have emerged although there is some information that the game has been invented way back 1700s in Persia.

Gambling machines or what we know of today as Slot Machines was developed by Messrs Sittman and Pitt in New York is during 1891.

Gambling had its hard time during this time because of the supporters and anti-supporters of the game.

A milestone has been made due to the development of micro gaming which is considered as the largest casino and slot game developers in the world today. Gambling has now found a new platform where it can cater more of its players.

Lots and lots of states are legalizing gambling today. Because of the gadgets present to us today, gambling sites can be easily accessed through online casinos.

The evolution of gambling only proves that humans can take challenges especially when it involves their recreation and entertainment. We can create different types of games just to satiate our hunger in eliminating boredom and stagnancy. We strive harder to achieve things we’ve never imagined having. That is why I will no longer be surprised when new types of games would be developed and invented in the future.